Great Golden Digger Wasp

Sphex ichneumoneus or Golden Digger Wasp On butterfly Weed

Another thread-waisted wasp is the very impressive Great Golden Digger Wasp. With its large size of up to an inch and its striking colors, it catches the observer’s eye. Its black head and thorax are covered by golden hairs. The first half of the abdomen and the legs are bright orange and the end of the abdomen is black.

On Mountain Mint

It feeds on nectar and sometimes it is hard to observe because it is very active and moves quickly from flower to flower. There is little to fear from this wasp, despite its impressive size, because it is not prone to stinging. It builds its nest underground and stocks it with insects, such as crickets, grasshoppers and katydids, to feed its brood. It is a valuable pest control.

Habitat: Fields, meadows, with sandy areas nearby. It is found throughout North America and reaches Central America and part of South America.

Season: From June to October in most of North America. Most common in July and August. Can be seen as early as April in Florida.

Flowers: It likes flowers grouped in clusters, like milkweeds, mints, goldenrods. It also visits many others, like asters and sedum.

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