Gallery of Leaf-cutter and Mason Bees

The bees of the family Megachilidae include the leaf-cutter bees and the mason bees. They have big powerful jaws, which is what Megachilidae means.







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2 Responses to “Gallery of Leaf-cutter and Mason Bees”

  1. Gaia gardener Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these great photos of solitary bees. Any information you would have on their life cycles, nesting preferences, feeding preferences (adult or stocking the nests for growth of the young), etc., would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to educate myself about the species that I find around my landscape and it’s often difficult to find specifics.

    I appreciate your visit to my blog and I always welcome input!

  2. Pollinator Says:

    Hello Gaia gardener: Thanks for the nice comment. I have been taking pictures of bees and other pollinators and insects in general for several years. You may be interested in my booklet: Bee Basics. You can order it from Pollinators Partnership or download the PDF document.
    Also, you may want to visit my other blog: Pollinators

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