Blowflies. Lucilia

Lucilia fly

Some flies look more like house flies than the previous two, syrphid and bee flies. So they are more familiar to us. Some of them visit flowers and do pollination, so they are valuable in their own right. These are blowflies; one of them is about the same size as a house fly or slightly larger.

Mating blowflies, Lucilia

Its color is metallic green, but sometimes it may look coppery or bluish. The color has earned them the common name of green bottle flies or blue bottle flies. The eyes are big and generally bright red. It is found throughout North America; in fact it is found practically all around the world. It can be found just about any season, especially in southern states. It is used as a pollinator of some crops such as onions and cabbage. In addition to visiting flowers of the mentioned types they are also found at rotten meat, such as road kills. That is where they lay their eggs, which feed on the carrion. For this reason they are used in forensic studies to determine time of death.

Habitat. Almost any habitat is good for them. They may frequent meat and partially rotten fruit.

Season. Most common between March and October but also during the winter in warmer climates.

Flowers. They visit many kinds of flowers, especially related to onions and cabbage. They are also found at rotten meat, such as road kills.

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2 Responses to “Blowflies. Lucilia”

  1. Bekka Brodie Says:

    What is the name of the flower the blow fly is on? When and where (location) was this picture taken?? Thanks!

  2. Pollinator Says:

    The picture was taken on September 2002 in Montgomery County, Southeastern PA. I am sorry but I am not sure of the name of the flower. I didn’t know much about flowers then; I have learned a little more between then and now.

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